DevOps Classroomnotes 16/May/2023

Log Analysis

  • Every logging mechanism will have levels, most widely adopted levels are
    • INFO: This is informational log
    • DEBUG: This is informative log
    • ERROR: This represents errors
    • CRITICAL/FATAL: This represents serious system failures
  • Logs are time based information.
  • In Elastic Stack we have logstash which can extract the logs, transform and load into elastic search for querying/visualizations
  • Logstash does the transformations with the help of plugins
    • input plugins: to read from different sources Refer Here for input plugins supported by logstash
    • filter plugins: to transform the log Refer Here for filter plugins
    • output plugins: to store the output to different sources Refer Here for output plugins
  • Installing logstash:

  • Ideal use case for us

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