Aws Classroom Series – 17/Nov/2019

User Data

  • This is the script that gets executed once when the machine is created.
  • UserData can be passed using Console or CLI
  • UserData in linux systems need shebang
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install stress -y
  • This user data is referred in other clouds as cloud-init

Burstable Instance Types

  • AWS instance type t-Series is burstable.
  • CPU Credits will be given to machines when they are under utilized.
  • Refer Here

Launch Templates

  • Reusable Template for EC2 instance Creation with default values selected
  • Saves time as you need not select options.

Route 53

  • This is DNS as a service
  • Here we can add A-Records & C-Records to map domain name to loadbalancers or application gateways or ec2 machines. Preview

HTTPS in AWS Loadbalancers


  1. Create an auto scaling group with any image (lamp)
  2. configure a load balancer
  3. Create a Route 53 hosted zone for the domain
  4. Create a Record Set with A-Record to point to Load Balancer
  5. Ensure your Domain Register is using the nameservers in Route53 Record Set.

CLI Exercise

  • Create a ec2 machine with your ami
  • Change the size of ec2 machine
  • Delete the ec2 machine

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