Azure Classroom series – 28/Apr/2020

Azure SQL Databases

  • Azure SQL Database is fully managed Platform as a Service Preview

  • Create an Azure SQL Database

    • Pricing

      • DTU (Database Transaction Units)
      • vCore
        • Provisioned
        • Serverless
    • Connectivity

      • Private Endpoint: Preview
      • Public Endpoint: Preview
      • No Endpoint:
    • DataSource:

      • None: Create an Empty Database
      • Backup:
        1. Take the backup of your curent sql server & upload it to Azure to Some Storage Account
        2. Select that path to backup
      • Sample: Test Database called as AdventureWorks
    • Firewall:

      • Allow Azure Resources
      • Allow Specific IP Addresses
  • Exercise: By the understanding which you get from above, try to create an Azure SQL Database which has public endpoint and sample database. Preview

  • Connecting with the Database using Query Editor Preview

  • Connecting with the Database using the SQL Server Mangement Studio, For Download Refer Here

  • Now we have created a Database in Central US, What will happen if due to some disaster Central US is down, Can i have my database in other Region?

    • Yes, Azure Supports Geo Replication Preview


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