AWS Classroom series – 28/Apr/2020

Relational Database in AWS (RDS)

  • When RDS Database is created, ourselves and amazon share responsibility Preview
  • When we Create Database we choose
    • Database Engine

    • Region and Availability zone

      • Choosen using VPC and subnet Preview Preview Preview
    • Firewall

      • Security Group
    • Size of the Virtual Machine (CPU and RAM)

    • Disk Size in the Virtual Machine

      • Db Instance Storage: Preview
    • When Backups have to be taken


What will happen if the server/AZ fails?

  • High Availiability is provided => multi Az Deployments
  • Can i go for multi region solution => Cross-Region Replications
  • Is there any Cheaper Option => Perform Read Replication & Promotions

Connecting to Database

  • Publically Accesible: Preview
  • How Applications speak with RDS (Connection Strings)
    • You have endpoint
    • You have username
    • You have password
    • Now build a Connection string for the application language

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