DevOps Classroom Series – 29/Apr/2020

Understanding Git

  • Lets try adding an empty folder as a change
mkdir test
git status


  • Git will identify only files not folders. so lets add some file to test directory
echo "hello" >> test/


  • Add changes to the Staging Area and then commit to local repo Preview
  • Add all changes from Working tree to staging
git add --all
  • Add only modified changes from working tree to staging area
git add -u
  • Recomendation: git add --help

  • Multiple adds from working area to staging area and commit them Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Lets Travel Back to older changes (Versions)

    • Whenever you commit the changes to local repo, a commit-id gets created. commit Id has two versions long and short
    • Short Version Preview
    • Long Version Preview
    • Let me go to the first commit Preview
    • To comeback to latest version execute git checkout master Preview
  • Git Areas Update Preview

  • Is there Any way to revert the changes

    • From Working Tree: Preview
    • From Staging Area To Working Tree Preview Preview
    • From staging area: Preview Preview
    • Exercise: There is also a command git reset --soft findout what it does
  • How to deal with deleting the files Preview

  • History so far Preview

  • Concept of Head Preview

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