Azure Classroom series – 29/Apr/2020


  • Business Continuity and Failover (BCDR) for Databases have the failover option Preview
  • In On-Premises generally failovers are manual (i.e. a DBA has to Performance)
  • In Cloud, We have ways where failover can be automatic

Geo Replications

  • Can be used to replicate the data in azure sql database from one region into any other region Preview
  • In the portal azure gives you recommendation to the paired region Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • In Geo-Replication Failover is manual
  • Geo-Replications are performed at Database Level

Failover Groups

  • Now Navigate to you sql server Preview
  • Failover groups can be added at sql server level and the failover can be made automatic Preview

Data Sync (Hybrid Cloud)

  • Syncronize Data between on premise sql servers to Azure SQL can be done by install Data Sync agents Preview
  • Refer Here for SQL Data Sync and refer here to Setup the azure sync

Pricing (DTU vs vCore)

  • DTU is metric defined by microsoft which is combination of CPU+RAM+IO
  • This is a confusing measure, so microsoft had to introduce the vCore model which speaks about CPU COres and Speed in the terms which we generally use (Contd..)

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