AWS Classroom series – 29/Apr/2020

Multi AZ RDS

  • Database is Created and Sync automatically in more that one availability zone as shown below Preview
  • High-Availability Not a scaling solution
  • Basic Failover Preview
  • Failovers are automatic when we AWS RDS when
    • AZ outage
    • Primary DB fails
    • DB Instances server type is changed
    • OS is patching
    • A manual failover can be done with Reboot with failover

Perform Read Replications

  • Create a Replica with Read Permission (Select Query) in any AZ of the same region Preview
  • The Replicated Read RDS instance can allow write when it is promoted Preview

Cross-Region Replications

  • Much like Perform Read Replicas


  • Amazon RDS Backup is called as DB Snapshot Preview

  • From RDS we can Create a DB Snapshot

  • Taking Backups can be manual or Automated

  • Restoring from DB Snapshot to DB Instance

  • DB Snapshot can be copide and shared

  • Export DB Snapshot Data to Amazon S3 Preview

  • Manual Snapshot Preview Preview

  • Snapshot are of different kinds Preview

Automated Backups

  • Your DB Instance should be in AVAILABLE state
  • Automated Backups can be enable while creating the db or even after db is created. Modify the Database and change the Backup Retention Period Preview

Pending Items

  • Create Read Replica is Disabled
  • Cross Region Replication
  • Automated Backup vs Snapshot
  • CLI-Commands

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