DevOps Classroom Series – 30/Apr/2020

Git Conceptual Understanding

  • Lets make 7th commit Preview
  • Now along with 7 commit the HEAD pointer moves to the seventh commit, so by default HEAD is looking always at a latest version. Preview
  • To Remove untracked files git uses git clean Preview
  • Lets Travel back in history to fourth commit Preview
  • Whenever you move back in history by commit id, you will get an error/warning called as DETACHED_HEAD
  • Local => git repo => .git\config
  • Global => ~.gitconfig
  • System => <install-dir>/etc/gitconfig

Git Branches and How Git Works:

  • In Git you will always have a branch and the default branch name is master
  • In Enterprise work each branch represents a line of development
  • Internally any branch in git will have link to Latest version
  • Lets try to understand how git works using some internal commands (plumbing commands) such as git cat-file -p and git cat-file -t
  • Git Commit => SHA1 Hash (changes, message, author, email)
  • Git works like a content tracker and plumbing Preview

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