Azure Classroomnotes 26/Apr/2023

Using AzCopy

  • To install AzCopy
    • Windows choco install azcopy10 -y
    • Linux/Mac Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the usage status
  • To upload the single file
azcopy copy 'Hello.txt' 'https://<storage-acc-name><container-name>/<blob><?SAS-TOKEN>'
  • To upload a directory
azcopy copy '<source-dir>' 'https://<storage-acc-name><container-name>/<?SAS-TOKEN>' --recursive=true


  • Write a basic syntax

    • to sync data between two storage account
    • to copy data from s3 to Azure Storage Account
  • Azure Storage Explorer uses AZCopy to copy folders and files
  • Refer Here for Azure file Sync

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