Azure Classroomnotes 30/Jun/2023

Azure Networking Contd…

Azure Private Endpoint and Azure Private Link

  • Azure Private Endpoint gives access to PAAS Services like Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Storage Account, Azure SQL Database by creating an endpoint i.e. a network interface in your vnet in any subnet which will forward the traffic to PaaS Service

Azure Site to Site VPN

  • Any site to site vpn connection will have

    • atleast two different private networks with non colliding ip ranges
    • vpn server in each site with public ip address
    • vpn servers will exchange security certificates and an IPSEC Tunnel is created (logical)
    • Routing is changed to forward packets with destination of other network to vpn server
  • Azure site to site vpn allows connectivity between one to one and also one to many
  • Azure Virtual WAN can help in communication between multiple sites

OSI Model


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