Azure Classroom Series – 10/Feb/2021

Azure Migrate from VM Ware ESXi

  • To summarize the migration which we have performed on Hyperv refer the below image Preview
  • To migrate from VM Ware ESXi to Azure
    • VCenter/ESxi Host:
      • VCenter server versions: 5.5, 6.0, 6.5,6.7
      • ESXi with versions 5.5 or later
    • We need to download and configure the appliance for Azure Migrate
      • 32 GB of RAM, 8vCPUs and 80GB of disk
    • On the VM Ware we need to create an account Refer Here
    • Setup Azure Migrate project Refer Here
    • Setup appliance Refer Here
    • Start Discovery Refer Here
    • Now run an assessment Refer Here
    • For agent based migration Refer Here
    • For agent less migration from portal Refer Here
    • Refer Here for the migration from vmware to esxi

Physical Server Migration to Azure (P2V)

  • Create a linux (ubuntu 18) on any cloud/local machine (using hyperv or virtual box)
    • preferably aws or gcp
  • Consider this to be your physical server
  • Start Discovery Refer Here
  • Assess the migration Refer Here
  • Migrate the Physical servers Refer Here
  • Migration from V2V will happen as many vms to azure (more than 1 vm )
  • Migration from P2V will happen at one machine at a time.

Next Steps:

  1. Database Migration
    1. microsoft sql server to Azure SQL DB
    2. mysql t Azure DB for mysql
  2. Storage Migration
  3. VDI migration

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