AWS Classroom Series – 10/Feb/2021

AWS Cloudformation contd..

  • Exercise-1: Write a cloudformation template to create a vpc with six subnets, security group, two route table(public and private), internet gateway also use paramters and output the subnet ids and vpc id, igw id, route table ids
  • Created a reusable vpc template Refer Here for the changes
  • Now lets create a nested stack which will be main.json which will call vpc.json
  • Lets upload vpc.json to s3 bucket and get the url
  • Now lets create a main.json which calls the vpc.json in s3. Refer Here for the changeset
  • Now lets create a template to create an ec2 instance Refer Here for the changes
  • Exercise:
    • Create a reusable template for rds and call from main.json

Next Steps

  • Stack Sets
  • Macro

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