DevOps Classroom Series – 10/feb/2021

Why use Jenkins or any other CI/CD Engine

  • Refer the image below Preview
  • There are many alternatives to jenkins
    • Azure DevOps (VSTS)
    • Bamboo
    • TeamCity
    • Circle CI
  • From Jenkins we need to create a pipeline to
    • get the latest version of the code
    • build the code into some package
    • run some code quality tools
    • upload the package to some repository
    • deploy the application into various test environments

Lets understand how jenkins works and important terms of jenkins

  • Lets start the Jenkins server Preview
  • Jenkins Job: This is sequence of actions to be performed to realize a ci/cd pipeline or part of pipeline
    • To create a Jenkins job, in jenkins we need to create a jenkins project which specifies the steps to be performed as part of jenkins build. Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • So when we execute a jenkins job/project then jenkins runs the steps mentioned in the job as a system user (default is jenkins) and shows the results Preview
  • Jenkins will store all of its configurations in JENKINS HOME Directory, In this case the jenkins home directory is /var/lib/jenkins Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • The jenkins project which we create will be stored as an xml file in JENKINS_HOME/jobs/<jobname>/config.xml
  • When we run the jenkins job, jenkins uses workspace folder to store the build generated files Preview Preview
  • Lets change the hellojenkins job to create some file and build the jenkins job Preview Preview Preview
  • Lets create a jenkins job which will clone git repository Refer Here Preview Preview Preview
  • So if we know manual steps for building the application, creating test environment and executing tests can we do that in jenkins
  • So jenkins can be looked as scheduler which can run commands provided by user
  • Jenkins has other features to make this simple. To make them simple Jenkins uses Plugins. A Plugin is a feature extension for jenkins which provides the user interface (in many cases) and some functionality
  • Now lets create a jenkins job to clone a game of life repository using these plugins Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets try to create a jenkins job to update ubuntu packages
sudo apt update

Preview Preview Preview

  • This fails as jenkins user does not have permissions to execute sudo commands
  • Now lets add jenkins user to sudoers group and then execute the same job Preview
  • Now, Can we run python –version in jenkins job. But the result whether this will be success or not depends on
    • Whether python is installed or not on the Jenkins Machine
    • Whether the user jenkins has permission to execute python or not.
  • Next Steps:
    • Lets learn how to build java code using maven

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