DevOps Classroom Series – 20/Nov/2020

Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

  • AKS is managed k8s cluster in Azure.
  • Azure manages master node
  • Managed vs UnManage k8s cluster Preview Preview Preview
  • Lets install AKS Cluster. AKS Cluster can be installed using
  • For installing Azure CLI/Powershell Refer Here

Amazon Elastic K8s Service (EKS)

  • Lets create a ubuntu ec2 instance
  • Install aws cli in the ubuntu
  • Refer Here for setting up eks cluster
  • Install eks ctl by following docs Refer Here
  • After installing the eks, awscli and kubectl commands, create k8s cluster by executing the following command
eksctl create cluster \
--name my-cluster \
--version 1.18 \
--region us-west-2 \
--nodegroup-name linux-nodes \
--nodes 1 \
--nodes-min 1 \
--nodes-max 2 \
--ssh-public-key dockerclassroom

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