Azure Classroom Series – 19/Nov/2020

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD/ AAD)

  • Azure AD is Microsoft’s cloud based Identity and access management service, which can employees sing and access resources in
    • External resources such as Microsoft 365, the Azure Portal and other SAAS applications
    • Internal resources, apps in corporate network & intranet.
  • Windows Active vs Azure Active Directory Refer Here Preview Preview
  • Azure AD Plans
    • Azure AD Free
      • User and group management
      • On-premise directory synchronization
      • basic reports
      • self-service password change for cloud users
      • single sing on across Azure
      • Microsoft 365
      • SAAS apps
    • Azure AD Premium P1: In addition to all the free feature P1
      • lets hybrid users access both cloud & on-premise resource
      • supports advanced administration, such as dynamic groups, self-serive group management
      • Microsoft Identity Manager (On-premise identity & access management suite)
      • cloud write-back
    • Azure AD Premium P2: In addition all the free and P1 features, P2 offers
      • Azure Active Directory Identity Protection
      • Privileged Idenity Management
  • Terms
    • Identity: Anything that can get authenticated
    • Account: An identity that has data associated with it
    • Azure AD Account: Identity created through azure AD
  • Adding Custom domain to azure ad
    • Add custom domain and verify custom domain by add txt record to DNS (domain register like godaddy) Preview Preview

Multifactor Authentication

  • For free plan, enable security defaults to enforce Multi factor Authentication Preview

  • In Active Directory Premium Plans, Use Azure AD Conditional Access to prompt users for multi-factor authentication.

  • Note: Ensure you have windows ad domain controller with some users (superheros) and groups (avengers/justice league)

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