Azure Classroomnotes 26/May/2023

Server Migrations

  • Migrations we will try hands-on:
    • P2V (Physical to Virtual)
      • Simulated environment:
        • We will create a supported OS based application in any cloud
    • V2V (Virtual to Virtual):
      • Simulate Environment:
        • Nested Virtualization supported VM as we dont have physical servers.
        • Microsoft Hyper-V

Softwares to be installed

Preparation of Source Application

  • We will be trying to install an opensource application (nop commerce)

    • Ubuntu Linux
    • mysql server
  • Migration Steps for p2v Refer Here

Source Machine setup

  • Requirements Refer Here
  • Linux Distributions supported Refer Here
  • Windows: any version >= Windows Server 2008
  • Application

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