AWS Classroomnotes 13/Apr/2022

AWS IAM Policy Generator

AWS IAM Policy Simulator

  • Refer Here for iam policy simulator
  • Activity 8: Create a policy which allows all access to the s3 buckets if the region is ap-south-1 and read only access for buckets of other region.

    • Create an IAM Policy
    • Attach it to some user
    • Launch Policy generator and verify the access on all s3 operations.
  • Refer Here for the policy created for activity 8.
  • Results of Simulation


  • Create an IAM Policy which allows users
    • to perform any operations on RDS, DynamoDB if the region is mumbai
    • to perform start, stop and terminate operations on ec2 if the if the instance type is t2.micro
    • to perform any operations on s3 bucket if the region is mumbai, oregon, North virginia.

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