Azure Classroom Series – 29/Jul/2020

Managing Azure Subscriptions

  • Azure subscription has controls availabe that govern access to resources. Azure subscription is logical unit of Azure services, linked to Azure Account which is authenticated or authorized usin AAD.
  • Azure AD and Azure Subscription Relationship Preview
  • Azure AD in your azure account Preview Preview
  • Subscriptions & Adding subscriptions to Azure Preview Preview Preview
  • All the subscription types offered by microsoft are available over here
  • Authentication is at user level & Authorization is determined by Roles (Built-in & Custom)
  • Azure has many different roles for managing access to Azure resources. Lets List some of them
  • Azure RBAC roles are fine grained access management, but lets start with four fundamental Preview
  • Scope determines the RBAC assigned at which level. You can assign RBAC Role at
    1. Subscription Level
    2. Resource Group Level
    3. Resource Level

For Experiments

  • Lets create the following users
    • Ironman
    • hulk
    • thor
    • superman
    • wonderwoman
    • batman
  • Screenshots


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