DevOps Classroom Series – 06/May/2021

Ansible Contd..

  • Ansible Control Node requirements:
    • OS:
      • Linux flavours => RedHat, Ubuntu, CentOS, any of BSD’s
      • Mac
    • Software:
      • Python 2
      • Python 3
  • Lets create a ubuntu 18 VM as node
  • Ansible Node requirements
    • SSH should be running Preview
    • Python should be installed
    • SFTP/SCP should be configured
  • Now lets try to verify the connectivity using ansible b/w control node and node
  • First lets create a simple inventory
# echo "" > inventory


  • Now ensure you have private key (pem) file in the Ansible control node and permissions are set Preview Preview
  • Lets look at a simple ansible ping command which verifies if your control node can access nodes or not
ansible -i <inventory> -m ping all
  • We also need to specify the username and pem file (private key file) Preview Preview
  • So now lets add a new centos 7 VM Preview Preview

How to make ansible work towards our deployments

  • Pictorial Representation Preview
  • In Ansible the atomic unit of work is module. Ansible has lot of inbuilt modules to help us automate our infra needs
  • Refer Here for the list of all the modules supported by ansible
  • Our approach to use Ansible
    • Make a list of all the steps needed to deploy your application
    • for every step try to find the ansible module which can help in expressing a desired state.


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