Azure Classroom Series – 06/May/2021

Creating a Database Resource

  • Lets try to create an Azure SQL Database
  • Steps:
    • Create an Azure Resource Group Preview
    • Create an Azure SQL Database Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

Virtual Machines in Azure

  • Virtual Machines are one of the key compute options for deploying workloads in Azure.
  • In Azure we can have choice of Server Operating systems with
    • various supported versions of Windows
    • Linux distributions
  • Virtual Machine considerations Preview
  • VM needs some OS for this we need a disk with OS
  • VM needs CPU and RAM configurations
  • VM needs network connectivity
  • Now lets try to create an Azure VM and see what happens Preview
  • Now navigate to the Resource group and see the resources created as part of azure VM creation Preview
  • Exercise:
    • Create a new resource group and launch a windows 2016 server VM
    • Examine resources created and Log in to the VM

Azure Free plan

  • For the first month a subscription called as Free tier is created which has 200$ of credit
  • Once your first month is completed, we need to create a Pay as you go subscription to continue using some services
    • free for life time
    • free for 11 months
  • Explore the products which are free Refer Here

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