AWS Classroom Series – 06/May/2021

AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) contd..

Quick look at virtual machines

  • Basic VM needs Preview

  • In AWS we have Regions, infrastructure is in zones (AZ)

    • So we need to create our EC2 instance (VM) in the AZ
    • In AWS
      • to create an ec2 instance in a particular AZ we choose subnet
      • to choose a particular operating system we choose Amazon Machine Image (AMI) Preview
  • Exercise: Lets try to create a RedHat Linux based EC2 instance in us-west-2a (AZ) with hard disk size of 12 GB, 1 VCPU and 1 GB of RAM Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • To login into VM we need credentials i.e. username and password.

  • In AWS default username is chosen based on AMI and AWS by default doesn’t allow passwords, so we need to use key based authentication

    • We need to create a key pair.
  • Once the EC2 instance is launched Preview Preview

  • Network interfaces Preview

  • Virtual Hard disk is called as EBS (Elastic Block Store) Volume in AWS Preview

  • Virtual Machine is referred as EC2 instance Preview

  • In AWS virtual network is referred as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and default VPC is created in every region by AWS.

  • In AWS to create an ec2 instance, we need to provide

    • AMI
    • size of the ec2 instance (number of VCPU and size of RAM)
    • AZ in which you need to create ec2 (Subnet)
    • Public IP should be enabled or not
    • Size of the EBS Volume
    • Security Group
    • Key Pair to log in to the VM
  • Exercise:

    • Create a Windows 2016 server with 1 GB of RAM and 1 VCPU in any AZ of region Oregon.

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