DevOps Classroom Series – 09/Mar/2020

Configuration Managment Solution Workflow

  • Purpose: Automate Deployments, or to be very specific
    • ensuring the code written by dev team is reflected in one or more of the enviroments
  • Knowledge:
    • Various Environments available
    • When to deploy in each environment
    • Pre-requisites to deploy application. Some of examples are
      • JDK 1.9 and tomcat 9 are required
      • Python 3.7 is used
      • Ensure /etc/<application>/config.yaml has database servers url, username and password.
    • Steps of deploying
    • Make a list of OS-Level (linux/windows commands) to be exeucted to deploy the application
    • Execute all the commands gathered manually to ensure they are working.


  • Purpose: Create a Dev Environment for Spring-Petclinic
  • Knowledge:
    • Env: Dev => 1 linux vm
    • Prereqs:
      • JDK8
    • Steps for deploying
      • There is a package available at here
      • run the spring boot application directly
      • Commands
      sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk -y
      java -jar spring-petclinic-2.2.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar

Ansible Way of Working

  • In Ansible smallest activity (atomic) is called as module
  • For linux commands which you have written find the right modules in ansible. Ansible has lot of modules Refer Here
  • We will be creating one-one mapping between linux commands and modules to be used
Linux        Ansible Module
apt-get   =>  apt
wget      =>  get_url
java      =>  command
  • Combine modules to form playbook
  • Now ansible can be executed in two modes
    • Adhoc Command:
      • To run ansible create a command
      ansible -m ping all
    • Playbook:
      • Write a YAML file to automate the deployment
  • Sample YAML
- hosts: all
  become: yes
    - name: install java and update packages
        name: openjdk-8-jdk
        update: yes
        state: present
    - name: download package
    - name: run spring pet clinic
      command: java -jar spring-petclinic-2.2.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT.jar

Ansible Terms

  • Playbook: YAML Reprsentation of Automation to be done
  • Tasks:
    • Each task will be module to be executed with some parameters
  • Module:
    • Atomic unit of automation in Ansible.


  • Find steps to deploy
    • node js application
    • PHP application.

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