AWS Classroom Series – 01/Dec/2019

Glacier vs Glacier Deep Archive

  • Cost
  • Move data to archive (Glacier), reading data is no longer possible.
  • If you want access to data change storage class to Standard or Infrequent Access
  • Deep Archive gives option to move the data from archive to other storage classes for a period of time. Refer Here

Moving Data to Glacier

  • Life cycle rule
  • glacier cli

Transferring Data from onpremise to S3

  • If the data is relative small, use aws s3 console or aws s3 cli
  • If the data is huge, then lets estimate the time of upload using aws s3 cli or console Preview
  • Amazon has Snowball Product line.
  • AWS Snowball Devices Refer Here
  • AWS SnowMobile is upto 100 Peta Bytes
  • Transferring the data consistently every day to AWS s3 is challenging, then AWS Storage Gateway can help. Fit Storage Gateway in your Data center and ensure you copy the data to storage gateway, this syncs the data to AWS. Preview

Versioning in S3

  • Versioning can be enabled at bucket level.
  • Versioning can be suspended, no earlier versions are deleted post suspension.
  • Deleting older versions is user responsibility.

Default Access Policy

  • By default public access is blocked.
  • Each object cna be made public

Static Website Hosting

  • Create a s3 bucket with name like domain names ( and disable blocking all public access
  • Create an index.html (home) page and upload to s3
  • Create an Error.html (error) page and upload to s3
  • Properties => Static Website Hosting and enter index and error html path
  • Now make a note of endpoint url Preview

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