Azure Classroom Series – 01/Dec/2019


  • Archive Access Tier can be used to archive the data.
  • Data in Archive Tier cannot be accessed.
  • Process of Converiting the objects/containers from access tier archive to hot/cold is called as Rehydration
  • Copying the Archival tier to other access tier

Data Copy to Storage Account.

  • If the data is less we can directly upload the data using cli/portal/powershell/storage explorer.
  • If the data is large use tools like AzCopy Preview
  • If the data is large and uploding over internet/network will take lot of time consider using Databox Preview
  • For Pricing of Azure Data Refer Here
  • Stor Simple is used for copying data consistent to Azure Storage Account. Preview

Storage Account As Content Delivery Network.

Shared Access Signature

  • If your blob container has private access level and if you still want to share content to other, SAS can be used.

Third Party Solutions

  • Apart from azure native services , Azure also gives third party solution for storage Preview

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