AWS Classroom Series- 16/Mar/2020


  • Experiment: Create an Ec2 instance (ubuntu/amazon linux) and observe the volumes created.

    • When we create an ec2 instance one volume is attached at minimum (root volume)
    • Back up of the volume is snapshot
  • From Snapshot what can we do ?

    • Create a EBS Volume from snapshot in any AZ and also we can make this snapshot to be copied to other region.
    • Snapshot can be copied to any region Preview
    • Snapshot can be used to create an EBS volume in any AZ of the same region Preview
  • Create a snapshot and copy the snapshot into other region

  • Create a snapshot and create a volume in other AZ



  • Snapshot is backup of Volume
  • First snapshot of the volume is generally a full backup
  • Second Snapshot will be incremental backup and it will have depenedency of first snapshot Preview

Case-1: Latest snapshot is deleted

  • Latest snapshot delete might delete the data present in the latest snapshot, but older ones are intact Preview

Case-2: Older snapshot is deleted

  • Data from the older snapshot will be copied into the snaphsot depending on it Preview

Storage Size Measurement

  • In AWS Storage size is measure in GiB (Gibi Bytes) Refer Here

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