Azure Classroom Series – 17/Mar/2020

Disk Storage in Azure

  • In Azure we can create Virtual Hard disks using

    • Azure Storage Account
    • Managed Disks (Disks)
  • If we create a virtual machine with storage account disk, then in storage account a container called as vhds is created with a disk of type page blob Preview

  • In Azure while create a vm the os disk type is defaulted to Premium SSD, when os disk type of Premium and if you want to use storage accounts for disks, then storage account Performance also has to Premium

Standard vs Premium

  • For Disks two aspects are extremely important for the user
    • Speed of the Disk
    • Size
  • Speed of the disk is measure in IOPS (I/O Per Second)
  • For premium Performance tier, the IOPS is Guranteed.
  • For Standard Performance tier IOPS is upto
  • Refer
  • Disk types in Windows for Azure Refer Here
  • In Premium Tier Redundancy will be either LRS or ZRS.

Different Disks for Azure VM


  • In Azure every VM can have 3 kinds of disks used in a VM.
    • OS Disk: This disk will consist of OPeration System
    • Ephemeral Disk: Azure automatically adds ephemeral disks depending on the instance size selected
    • Data Disk: These are disks added by the user.
  • In Azure VM Size defines
    • Number of data disks that can be added
    • Ephemeral disk storage
    • Max IOPS
    • Premium Disks are allowed or not (Any instance ending with s like B1s, A4s etc have premium disk supports) Preview

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