AWS Classroom Series – 13/Mar/2021

AWS WAF, AWS Shield , AWS Firewall Manager

  • WAF (Web Application Firewall) lets us monitor HTTP/ HTTPS requests that are forwarded to Amazon API Gateway REST API, an Application Load balancer or AWS Cloudfront distribution.
  • WAF also lets us control access to our content.
  • AWS WAF lets us choose one of the following behaviors
    • Allow all requests except the ones we specify
    • Block all request except the ones we specify
    • Count the request that match the properties you specify
  • Navigate to the WAF console Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • AWS Shield is used for additional protection against DDos attacks, AWS offers two plans
    • AWS Shield Standard:
      • Enabled by default to all AWS users at no extra cost
    • AWS Shield Advanced:
      • This provides expanded DDoS attack protection for our ec2 instances, Elastic load baalncers, Cloudfront distributions and Route 53 hosted zones
      • This incurs extra cost Preview
  • AWS Firewall manager simplifes your adminstration and mainentance task across multiple accounts and resources for AWS WAF rulesm AWS Shield Advanced protections and AWS VPC Security Groups

AWS Steps functions

  • AWS Step functions is a serverless orchestration service that combine AWS Lambda functions and other service to build workflows or state machines
  • If your application has a workflow to be built as a state machine and if you have lambda functions to handle the state transitions then we can use step functions
  • Step functions are developed in State Language defined by AWS Refer Here

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