AWS Classroomnotes 09/Jul/2022

Migrating Single Server to AWS

  • To migrate the single server, we need to install agent
  • Start the source Server
  • Navigate to AWS Application Migration Service and add a source server
  • Fill in IAM Access key and secret access key
  • copy the commands and run in the linux system
  • If you get an error to re-initialize settings
  • Now re run the commands and wait for the command to be finished/successful
  • Now Start Data replication if it is not started by agent of the agent is re-installed
  • Lets wait for the data replication to be finished

IAM User

  • To give access to applications/other users
  • Users will access console (username/password) where as applications use programatic or commandline access (IAM secret Access key id and IAM Secret access key)
  • Create an IAM User Refer Here

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