Azure Classroom Series – 29/Apr/2021

Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

  • This is a set of guiding tenets that can be used ot improve the quality of the workload
  • Well architected framework consists of 5 pillars
    • Cost Optimization: Managing costs to maximize the value delivered
    • Operational Excellence: The processes that keep a system running in production
    • Performance Efficiency: The ability of system to adapt to changes in load
    • Reliability: The ability of system to recover from failures and continue to function
    • Security: Protecting application data from threats

Consumer health Portal

  • Use cases
    • Track statistics of wearable device
    • Gain access to medical records and engage with medical provider
    • Enter time and doses of medications which can be used to refill data or self-tracking of medications
    • Interact with healty coach
  • Reference architecture Preview Preview

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