DevOps Classroom Series – Jenkins Pipeline – 25/Dec/2019

Need For Pipelines

  • Consider a Repository ( where there are multiple branches and User is expected to create multiple projects for building each branch.
  • To achieve this we create multiple projects every time manually configuring the options
  • For master branch, you are supposed to do clean build (mvn clean package) and sprint-1 branch incremental build (mvn package)

Jenkins Pipeline

  • Is a scripted way of defining jenkins job.
  • Jenkins job can be defined in git repository in one file.
  • Lets try this.
  • Navigate to code repository and create a file Jenkinsfile with following content
node {

   stage('SCM') {
      // git clone
	  git ''
   stage ('build the packages') {
      // mvn package
	  sh 'mvn package'

   stage ('archival') {
     // archiving artifacts
	 archive 'target/*.jar'

  • Now open Jenkins and create a pipeline project as shown below Preview




  • In Jenkins Pipeline the script is written by using groovy language (Java Based Language) with this we get the following benefits
    • Customization of builds become simpler
    • Creating reusable build library is possible
    • Even in the case of plugins what we generally call from Script is functions.

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