Azure Classroom Series ARM Templates – 25/Dec/2019


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ARM Templates

  • Representation of the Deployment in JSON.

  • In Azure ARM Template is created whether the user creates resources from cli/powershell/portal Preview

  • Goals:

    • Write an ARM Template for the Architecture of apps in Azure

Resource Provider

  • Resource Providers create and manage Resources. Every subscription has Resource Providers.
  • User will be create resources of Resource Providers which are Registered
  • Navigate to Subscriptions => select your subscriptions and then select Resource Provider Preview


ARM Template

  • Json Representation of azure application architecture.
  • To Find out lets create a simple VNET in a new Resource group
  • After Creation of the VNET Navigate to Resource Group and Select the Export template option and Copy the Json content into any text editor and examine
  • Goals:
    • Write a template to deploy resources

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