PowerShell Scripting Classroom Series 23/Nov

DOS Prompt

  • Legacy Terminal of Windows
  • Scripting is Batch Scripting.


  • Is shipped along with windows.
  • Powershell Core can run on linux as well.
  • Windows Server Nano /Core Editions. These editions will not have GUI. They just have powershell terminal.
  • Powershell DSC which can be used like Ansible/Chef for Configuration Management.

Powershell Cmdlets

  • Cmdlets is a command that can be executed on Powershell Terminal.
  • Cmdlets are written in .net
  • Cmdlets have the following pattern <verb>-<noun>.
  • Powershell also has huge module library called as Gallery. For now consider module as collection of cmd-lets

Practical Approach to a right cmdlet

  • There is a cmdlet called as Get-Command which lists the commands by search text.
  • Once you find a right cmdlet use Get-Help

Exercise-1: Find a cmdlet to Get Network Details

  • Approach
Get-Command '*Network*'
Get-Help <cmdlet> -Online

Exercise-2: Create a new file and a directory

  • Approach
Get-Command '*-Item'

Objects in Powershell

  • Everything in Powershell is an Object
  • Object has Methods & Properties

Comparision Operators in Powershell

Filtering Data using Where

  • Any Member and Operator combination to filter
<cmdlet>| Get-Member
  • Choose the Property which you want to rely and decide your condition
<cmdlet>| Where <choosenProperty> <condition>
  • Get all chrome Processes running on your machine
Get-Process | Get-Member
Get-Process | Where ProcessName -eq 'chrome'


  • Delete all the files in temp directory which are of extension .log

  • Get All the Processes which have Working Set grater than 10000

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