AWS Classroom Notes – 24/Nov/2019

Elastic File System

  • Network Disk.
  • While Creating EFS users should choose the az’s where EC2 instances are existing. Preview
  • EFS is a Network Disk which can be mounted from any Linux EC2 Instance
  • Whenenver EFS is created, user selects the AZs and Security Groups which determine the access to EFS.
  • Once the EFS is created it can be mounted on AWS EC2 linux instances.


  • Create two linux instances with Amazon AMI in two different subnets
  • Create a security group. (Open all is fine for now but not in enterprise usecases)
  • Create an EFS with size of 1GB in default VPC and select all the AZ.
  • Use Mount Instructions to mount the efs on to your ec2 instance. Preview
  • Now do the tests by creating files or folders in one instance and checking in other instance.

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