Azure Classroom Notes – 24/Nov

Managed Disks in Azure

  • Refer Here

  • Individual Disk Performance

  • Better Speeds (IOPS) and Sizes

  • For Disk Types Refer Here

  • SSD

  • HDD

  • Reserved Disks:

    • Give 1 year commitment to Azure about a specific disk in a region and you can gain discounts.
  • Managed Disk is default disk for VMs

  • Encryption:

    • Encryption At Rest: Encrypt the data stored in Azure with Azure Vault.
    • Client Encrypt: Encrypte by the Client and Sent to Azure.
  • VM has a Disk. Disk Backup is Snapshot.

  • From Snapshot, Disk can be created.

  • From Disk VM Can Be created.

Azure File Share.

  • Creates SMB Share.
  • Can be mounted on Windows, Linux and Mac
  • Supports Snapshots

Azure Storage Explorer

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