AWS Classroom Series – 17/Apr/2021

Scenario-5: Create a policy and attach it to a role

  • Create an iam policy which allows
    • full access to s3 buckets
    • readonly access to ec2 instances in us-west-2 region
  • Create a role and attach the above created policy to the roles
  • Lets use conditional operators in the conditions block Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the policy created
  • Now lets create a role called qttesterrole with the above policy attached Preview
  • Now create an aws ec2 instance with amazon linux as operating system.
  • Attach the IAM role to ec2 instance Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets view the e2 instances Preview Preview

Scenario 6: Create a policy and attach it to the programmatic user (CLI/API)

  • Create an iam policy to have full access on
    • s3 buckets in us-west-2 region
    • rds db instances in any region with engine as mysql
  • Create a iam user with programattic access and attach the above created policy and make note of AWS access key and secret key
  • Then verify the policy Preview
  • Now configure the user in aws cli
aws configure

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