AWS Classroom Series – 02/Apr/2021

Creating VPC using AWS CLI

  • Lets create a IAM user to configure aws cli
aws configure
Enter access key , secret key and region(us-west-2)
  • To create IAM user Refer Here
  • AWS CLI are the commands to create resources in AWS by using Commands
  • To find command
    • approach 1: google Preview
    • approach 2: aws cli commands are in the form of aws service action args
      • Refer Here for the aws cli reference
      • VPC belongs to a service ec2 Refer Here
      • Now find the commands for vpc Preview
  • AWS CLI has two kinds of arguments
    • required arguments
    • optional arguments
  • Since we want to create vpc Refer Here Preview Preview
  • Lets create vpc Preview
  • Now lets make a note of vpc id.
  • Other approach is to query for vpc id and in aws generally most of the query commands will be in form of describe-<resource> Refer Here for describe vpcs
  • We can query the cli outputs Preview
  • To do that first we need to understand
  • We will have one session on JMES Path
  • Exercise: Write aws cli to
    • create a vpc with 4 subnets (you can manually copy id)
    • Attach the internet gateway to vpc
    • Make two subnets public and two subnet private.

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