DevOps Classroom Series – 09/Jun/2020

Evolution of Application Environments

  • Physical Servers

  • Hypervisors like VMware, HyperV , KVM and Virtual Box

  • Container technologies like docker, rocket Preview

  • Reference


  • Create a Tomcat Server/Apache Server
    1. Physical:
      • Procure Physical Server
      • Install OS and get n/w
      • install java
      • install tomcat
    2. Virtual Machines:
      • Create a Virtual Machine with some os
      • install java
      • install tomcat
      • In this class lets create ec2 instance from aws cloud Refer Here
      sudo apt update
      sudo apt install openjdk-8-jdk -y
      sudo apt install tomcat8 -y
      sudo apt install apache2 -y
    3. Docker
      • Login into the machine with docker installed Refer Here

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