DevOps Classroom Series – 06/Jan/2020 – Terraform


  • Terraform helps in IaC (Infrastructure as Code)
  • From Terraform, Infrastructure can be created in almost all the virtual environments (AWS, Azure, VmWare, VirtualBox etc)
  • Terraform is developed in GO Language.
  • Like Packer, Terraform is also a single executable.
  • Terraform templates are written in Custom DSL. This DSL mostly looks like JSON.
  • Terraform templates end with .tf extension


  • Windows:
    • choco install terraform
  • Linux:
    • Download the terraform from here
    • unzip the file to some folder. Add this folder to PATH environment variable (use export command and add this statement to /etc/environment or .bashrc)

Terraform in CD Pipelines (DevOps)



  • Terraform has list of providers supported. Each Provider provides resources and data sources.
  • Provider: Provider is used to create infrastructure in particular virtual environments. Refer Here for the complete list. Some of the popular providers are
    • AWS
    • Azure
    • OpenStack
    • VmWare
  • Resource: Resource is part of the infrastructure create on the provider. Every Provider provides resources.
  • DataSource: <will be defining soon. not now>
  • Variables: To give options for the user to enter different values to resources.
  • Provisioners: Terraform supports various provisioners like shell, Chef, Powershell

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