DevOps Classroom Series – Git Branching Strategy – 05/Jan/2020

Git-Flow: Best Branching Strategy

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Git Stash

  • Stash helps in preserving the work done in git working tree for future purposes.
  • To stash your changes
git stash
  • To see the list
git stash list
  • To apply the changes from stash to working tree
git stash apply
  • To apply the changes from stash and remove the changes from stash list
git stash pop
  • Stash is 5 area of git Preview

Git Communication Protocols

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  • Local:

    • Folder paths (shared folder paths)
  • Http(s):

    • Git remote exposes git repository over http(s)
  • SSH:

    • Git remote exposes git repository over ssh
  • GIT:

    • Improved Performance, but mostly similar to ssh

Git Tags

  • Tag is special label or recoginition to the commit. Generally we apply tags for every release or milestone
  • Tags are of two types
    • lightweight tags:
      • Name of the Tag
      • Creation: git tag <nameofthetag>
    • Annotated Tags:
      • Name of the Tag
      • Metadata
      • Creation: git tag -a <nameofthetag>
  • Pushing tags to Remote git push origin <nameofthetag>

Git Servers

  • Hosted Git Servers
    • GitHub
    • Code-Commit
    • Azure GitRepos
    • BitBucket
    • GitLab
  • Self Hosted Git Servers:
    • Gitolite
    • GitLab

Git Hook

  • Hook is a way of adding additional functionality to git as a response to some git actions.

  • Two Kinds of hooks

    • Client Side Hooks
    • Server Side Hooks:
      • On Hosted Git Servers they are also called as WebHooks.
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