Azure Classroom Notes – Storage 21/Nov/2019

Creating a Virtual Machine with storage from Storage Account.

  • Create a Resource Group
  • Create a storage account.
  • Create a Virtual Machine and in the disks page select storage account

Some Terms/Options to Understand

Storage Account Options/Terms

  • Containers:
    • Logical grouping of blobs
    • Upload any file.
    • Individual file cannot have size grater than 4.7 TB
  • Blob Types:
    • Block Blob:
      • Any file is considered to be block blob.
      • File is stored in Blocks. Default Block size is 4MB
    • Page Blob:
      • Blob for Hard disk (VHD)
    • Append Blob:
      • Log files
  • Performance
  • Account Kind
  • Replication
  • Access Tier

Azure VM Disks

  • DataDisk:
    • Non Ephemeral Storage
    • Can be from Storage Account or Managed Disk
  • TempDisk:
    • Ephemeral Storage (Delete the VM data in this disk will be lost)
    • Not from Storage Account or Managed Disk


Disk Operations

  • Changing Disk Size:
    • Yes, when VM is stopped.
  • Adding Disks to VM:
    • Tightly Coupled to VM instance Size.

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