AWS Classroom Series – Storage 20/Nov/2019

Disk Storage in AWS

  • Disk Storage for EC2 instances is provided by AWS using
    • Elastic Block Storage
    • Instance Store
  • Disks are categorized as
    • Root Disk: Disk with Operating System
    • Disk
  • Free Tier Plan
    • 30 GB of General Purpose Disk is free per month
  • Root Disk is always EBS
  • EC2 instance Type will provide whether instance store can be attached or not.
  • Two kinds of Disks Depending on Data Persistence are
    • Ephemeral Disks: Instance Store
    • Non Ephemeral: EBS

Creating a EC2 instance with Hard disk (Volume)

  • Launch an Ec2 Instance by selecting AMI and click next till you see storage section


  • Number of Disks can be added
  • Size of Disk can be changed
  • An option to choose not to delete the Volume after EC2 machine is terminated.

Adding Volumes to Existing EC2 machines

  • Create a Volume in the same AZ as your EC2 instance.
  • Attach the volume to EC2 machine

Increase the Size of Volume while EC2 Instance is Running

  • EBS Volumes are Elastic Volumes because they support change in disk size while the machine is running.

1 GiB = 1024

Volume Types in EBS

  • General Purpose SSD
  • Provisioned IOPS
  • Cold HDD
  • Throughput Optimized HDD
  • Magnetic


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