AWS Classroom Notes – Storage – 21/Nov/2019


  1. Create an EC2 instance with 10 GiB of EBS volume (Any Linux) (10 mins)
  2. Backup of Volume.
  3. From Backup create a new Volume (in same/different region)

Creating Snapshot of Volume

  • Manual:
    • Creating a Snapshot of the Volume Preview
  • Automated:
    • AWS CLI to create a backup and then run this script periodically.
  • Scheduled Backups

Creating Volume from Snapshot


  • Creates the volume from snapshot in the same region (where snapshot exists).
  • User can select the AZ.

Creating Volumes in Different Regions from Existing Snapshots

  • Copy the snapshot to your desired Region
  • Using the copied snapshot create Volume Preview

How Snapshot Creation Works


  • First snapshot of the volume is Full disk back up.
  • All the snapshots after first will be incremental backups.

How about Snapshot deletions

  • Scenario: you have two snapshots as shown below Preview

  • If any other snapshot is depending on the current snapshot to be deleted, then contents of the current snapshot will be copied to snapshots depending on it

  • If there are no depending snapshots on current snapshot , then the Snapshot is deleted. (so the change will be lost)

  • Deleting Snapshot A: Preview

  • Deleting Snapshot B: Preview

  • Deleting the Latest snapshots might lead to data loss, but older snapshots will not lead to data loss.

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