DevOps Classroom Series – 21/Nov/2019

Bootstrap Preparation

  • Ensure Chefdk is installed on Workstation
  • Login into Chef Server and Download Starter Kit (One time Job)
  • Starter Kit consists of
    • Basic Folder Structure for Cookbooks, Roles and Environments
    • Authentication Mechanism between Workstation and Chef Server
    • Information about Server.
  • Create a Linux Node on AWS/Azure/VirtualBox. In this series I will be using AWS. Preview

Bootstrap Process

  • Knife:
    • Utility which is installed as part of chefdk
    • Remember to run knife commands with your present working directory in Starter Kit
  • Node Bootstrap:
    • Refer Here for official chef docs.
    • In the current scenario, we will be using knife bootstrap
knife bootstrap <publicip> -U <username> -i <pathtoidentify> --sudo -N <fqdn>

Preview note: Referred from Chef documentation.

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