Azure Classroom Series – 29/Aug/2020

Account Kind

  • Azure storage offers several types of storage accounts. With each type you have different pricing model & different set of features
  • Refer Here for official docs
  • Storage Account Types
    • General Purpose v2
    • General Purpose v1
    • Block Blob Storage
    • FileStorage
    • BlobStorage
  • Storage Account Name has to be between 3 & 24 characters(lowercase & numbers) & should be unique within Azure.

Access Tiers in General Purpose V2

  • In Azure Storage accounts, the billing of storage is impacted by 2 factors
    • size
    • data access
  • GPV2 and BlobStorage Account has 3 access tiers
    • hot:
      • optimized for frequently access of objects.
      • Data access costs are low while storage costs are higher
      • Availability SLA: 99.9%
      • Latency: milliseconds
      • Minimum Storage Duration: N/A
    • cold
      • Optimized for storing large amounts of data that is infrequently accessed (stored for at least 30 days).
      • Relative to Hot tier, data access costs are higher & storage costs are lower
      • Availability SLA: 99%
      • Latency: milliseconds
      • Minimum Storage Duration: 30 days
    • archive:
      • This tier is designed for long-term archiving of infrequently accessed/used data
      • This tier is most cost effective option for storing data, but to access the data it is more expensive that Hot or Cool tiers.
      • Data in Archive tier is stored offline & must be re hydrated to the Cool or Hot tier before it can be accessed. This process might take up to 15 hours
      • Availability SLA: N/A
      • Latency: Up to 15 hours
      • Minimum Storage Duration: 180 days
  • In Azure while creating a storage account a default access tier for that specific storage account is defined. Individual Items in your storage account can be set to other access tier.

Now Create a Storage Account

  • Select the Default options and give unique name Preview
  • Lets try to create storage account with Different account kind (BlobStorage) Preview
  • Lets try to create storage account with General Purpose V1 Preview
  • Depending on Account Kind the storage account feature change Preview Preview

Next Steps:

  • Understanding uploading objects to storage accounts
  • Accessing objects from storage accounts
  • CLI/Powershell to create/manage storage accounts along with portal.
  • For setting up Azure CLI/Powershell Refer Here

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