AWS Classroom Series – 23/Feb/2021


  • Developer write code, and then they deploy the code on the servers, with some software like webservers or app servers to make the business logic work
  • To make the functionality work,
    • we need a linux or a windows server
    • Install webserver software like apache or nginx or install app server like tomcat or node js
    • Deploy the code to the server, then your web application will start working
  • To make our applications run, we need to care about running webserver or appserver
  • There is a new approach, where we need not worry about installing and running app servers/web servers but directly run the functionality this is referred as Serverless.
  • Serverless is all about the provider providing server infra and you just host your code as functions.
  • AWS offers Serverless by a Service called as AWS Lambda.
  • AWS Lambda will not be charged until the application is executed.
  • Serverless is the next evolution of cloud computing and is divided into two ideas
    • Backend as a Service (Baas):
      • Baas allows us t replace server-side components that we code/manage ourselves with off-the-shelf services
    • Function as Service (FaaS):
      • With Faas we deploy our code as independent functions or operations.
      • We configure those functions to be called or triggered , when a specific event or request occurs within the Faas Platform.
  • AWS has more than hundred different services. Some of them are fairly low level – networking, virtual machine, basic block storage, Above these service, in abstraction comes the component services, databases, platform as a service, messaging service. Then on the top of all comes true application components – user management, machine learning, data analysis
  • Sideways of this stack are management services necessary to work with AWS- Security, Cost reporting , deployment and monitoring etc Preview

AWS Lambda

  • Lambda is AWS FaaS platform
  • In Traditional Software Deployment we realize the application as shown below Preview
  • Here comes the FaaS Platform Preview
  • AWS Lambda was introduced in 2014 and it continues to grow in scope, maturity and usage till date. Preview Preview

AWS Account Creation

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