DevOps Classroom Series – 24/Feb/2021

Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

  • The basic idea behind IAC is to write and execute the code to define, deploy, update and destroy your infrastructure
  • We need to treat all aspects of operations as software (Event those aspects of setting up servers)
  • Five Broad categories of IAC
    • Adhoc Scripts:
      • Examples: Shell Script, Powershell Script
    • Configuration Management tools:
      • Examples: Chef, Ansible, Puppet, Salt Stack
    • Server Templating Tools:
      • Examples: Packer, Vagrant, Docker
    • Orchestration Tools:
      • Examples: Kubernetes, Apache mesos etc
    • Provisioning tools:
      • Examples: Cloud formation, ARM Templates, Terraform


  • This is a tool for building, changing and versioning infrastructure safely and effeciently
  • To express our Infrastructure as a code Terraform has its own Domain Specific Language (DSL)
  • To understand how terraform works, we need to know two key terms
    • Resource: This is piece of infrastructure which you want to create.
    • Provider: This tells terraform where the infrastructure has to be built/created.
  • Basic Terraform Workflow
    • In Terraform, we configure Providers which specify where the infra has to be created
    • We also configure resources, which specify what has to be created Preview
  • Terraform is tool which is written in a GO Language, which interacts with Provider api Preview
  • Terraform Language Refer Here
  • Terraform supports many providers Refer Here
  • Each Provider provides resources which we can use to write in a template


  • Lets create a very simple terraform template to create s3 bucket in AWS
  • To do this we need to know
    • How to create the infrastructure manually
    • How to configure the provider to create resource (s3 bucket) in terraform configuration language
    • In this case since we need to create in aws lets view the aws provider Refer Here and for documentation Refer Here
  • Lets see the steps to create s3 bucket
    • Login into aws console
    • Navigate to s3
    • Click on Create bucket Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Lets see how to create this from terraform
    • create a new folder and create a file called as
    • .tf is extension for terraform
  • In Terraform Arguments are the inputs which you provide and Attributes are the outputs which terraform provides upon execution.
  • Now lets try to setup provider and also provide authentication information Refer Here
  • Creating Access Key and secret key in AWS
  • Lets write a terraform template to configure the resource and provider
  • Now lets execute the terraform by executing following commands
terraform init
terraform validate --help
terraform validate .
terraform apply --help
terraform apply .
terraform destory .

Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • By default terraform is a single executable that is downloaded into your machine, if you want to execute terraform we need providers. When we execute terraform init your respective provider gets downloaded
  • Template developed in class
provider "aws" {
   region   = "ap-south-1"
   access_key = "your access key"
   secret_key = "your secret key"

resource "aws_s3_bucket" "mybucket" {
    bucket = "qts3fromtffeb21"

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