DevOps Classroomnotes 18/Sep/2022


  • Maven is one of most popular build and project management tool for Java and Java Based Languages
  • The Other build tools for java include Ant, Gradle.
  • Any Language has lot of built in functionalities which are provided by language or community, These are referred as dependencies.
  • We need to perform dependency management.
  • Maven used the approach of Convention over configuration.
  • Maven reads a file which is pom.xml where the following are defined
    • project metadata
    • dependencies
  • Refer Here
  • Maven projects have goals
    • compile => Compile java sources and generate class files in target folder
    • test => Execute tests and generate test report
    • package => Create a packaging format (jar, war) after generating classes and test execution
    • install => The package created in the target folder will be copied into .m2 folder for other projects in your system to reuse the code
    • deploy => The package created will be copied into configured remote repository for other users to reuse.
    • clean => remove target folder.
  • With this we can configure

    • archive the artifact
    • Generate Test Result Report.
  • Dependencies:

    • Java (Maven) => Refer Here
    • .net (Nuget)
    • Python (pip)
    • javascript (npm)
  • Package Repository:
    • local
    • central
  • Unit Tests:
  • Automated Tests using Test Automation Frameworks

    • Selenium
    • Postman
    • RPA
    • Jmeter
  • To change maven’s behavior i.e. where to download dependencies from and where to deploy dependencies to, http proxy etc create a file called as settings.xml in .m2 folder Refer Here
  • The tool configurations can be done from jenkins as well.


  • Learn about Environment Variables, Local Variables in Linux and Windows (Command Prompt/Powershell)
  • Learn about YAML, JSON Refer Here
  • Create a Linux vm (free instance)
    • Install python, pip
    • Install nodejs, npm
    • Install dotnet core

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