AWS Classroom notes 29/Feb/2020

Multi Networks

  • Communication between two networks is
    • possible if you are using public ip addressing.


  • Solution 1: Public IP addressing is for the VM which is in Network-A has an IP Address which can be accessed over internet and same with VM in Network-B Preview

    • In this scenario the machines are exposed over internet and you stop unnecessary traffic using NACL/Security Groups/Firewalls
    • We wanted two vms in two network communicate, we are reserving two public ip addresses which has cost involved.
    • VM A and VM B needs public ip addresses
  • Solution 2: Virtual Private Networking (VPN) can be established between two networks Preview

  • Now lets look at combinataions

    1. Network A is VPC and Network B is On-Premise
    2. Network A is VPC and Network B is VPC
    3. Network A is on premise and Network B is on-premise
  • Now we need to learn about 1 & 2

  • Lets start with Both networks in AWS, here also we have combinations

    • VPC A from account A and Vpc B from Account B
    • Both VPC A and B from same account and different Regions
      • Both VPC A and B from same account and same Regions

VPC Peering

  • VPC Peering allows two vpcs in any regions belonging to same/different accounts communicate Preview

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