GCP Classroom Notes 21-Apr-2021

Google App Engine

  • Google App Engine is GCP’s Platform as a Service for various platforms like
    • Java
    • Python
    • GO
    • .net
    • Ruby
    • PHP
    • Node.js
    • Custom runtime
  • In Google we have two environments
    • Standard:
      • Tha App Engine Standard environment is base on container instances running on Google’s infrastructure
    • Flexible Environment:
      • This App Engine Flexible environment automatically scales your app up or down while also balancing the load
  • For more information on difference b/w environments Refer Here
  • For pricing Refer Here
  • Creating a simple app engine in python environment Preview Preview
  • Refer Here for the sample
  • For Java Refer Here
  • Lets understand writing app.yaml Refer Here

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