AWS Classroomnotes 07/Aug/2022

Hybrid Cloud Networking

  • Hybrid Cloud Networking is all about establishing the private connectivity between virtual network(s) and On-premises

    • One to One:
    • One to Many:
    • Many to Many: This can be acheived by using virtual WAN or Hub-spoke on on-premises as well.
  • Edge Locations or Point of Presence Locations: Smaller Datacenters present across the globe for Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and also enabling private connectivity between on-premises and Cloud. Solution offered by AWS is Direct Connect and by Azure is Express Route.


  • History of DNS Servers: Refer Here
  • DNS Record Types
    • A Record: Map domain name or fqdn to an ip address
    • CNAME Record: Maps alias domain names
  • For the public DNS,
    • Azure has Azure DNS
    • AWS has Route 53

DMZ (De-militarized zone)

  • Overview


  • Organizational servers hosted at common locations
  • They might be maintained by your organization or can go with third party vendor

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